Can I Repair My REEF Mat?

Your REEF mat came with a patch kit that should be able to repair any minor cuts or holes. If you no longer have the glue, you can either buy another glue/patch kit from our website here, or you can pick up vinyl repair glue at any hardware store.

Our recommendation for vinyl glue would be HH-66 Vinyl Cement. This can be found on amazon or any local hardware store or hobby shop!

  • The first thing you'll need to do is thoroughly clean the patch and the area of the mat with the puncture with acetone. Repeat three times for best results.

  • You'll be applying three layers of glue. Apply a thin layer to both the patch and the "to be patched" area and spread it around evenly with a brush. Allow three minutes to dry between each application.

  • After the third application of glue to both surfaces, wait three minutes and then press the patch against the "to be patched" area evenly and use a spoon or something similar to apply pressure throughout the patch working from the center towards the edge. Wipe off any excess glue with acetone. 

  • Let the patch job fully set and dry for 24 hours before you attempt to inflate the mat.